EDI Data processing tools


eircom net is Irelandís leading Internet Service Provider, supplying companies with innovative technical and commercial solutions. Through their combination of proven expertise, continued investment in their technology and the provision of quality services, they remain the premier provider of e-business solutions.

As part of their suite of services eircom net supports Irelandís largest Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) community via a combination of traditional EDI VAN (Value Added Network) services and Internet based services.

Business Requirement

One of eircom netís missions is to remain the premier provider of Electronic Trading Services in Ireland through a combination of proven expertise, and the provision of quality services.

To fulfil this mission, eircom net had a requirement to provide their EDI Clients with software that would substantially simplify the conversion of their back office data into a suitable EDI format.

The software would have to satisfy the following requirements: :

  • Generation of EDI messages using multiple data sources (ODBC, Excel, flat files, etc.)
  • Convert EDI messages received to a more user-friendly format
  • Data swapping
  • Data validation
  • Message management (i.e. reporting, archiving, retrieving, etc)
  • Integrate with existing desktop interchange software for message send and receipt.


Genbase Solutions worked in partnership with eircom net over a period of six months to deliver the completed solution. This was developed in Visual Basic and used an MS access database to hold configuration information.

The system is currently being used by a number of eircom net clients to:

  • Generate a price catalogue message
  • Manage price catalogue responses
  • Manage purchase order receipts
  • Generate purchase order responses


eircom net significantly increased the level of service given to its customers by providing a tool that can integrate with their existing systems and can be configured to meet individual requirements.

System Architecture

  • MS access 97 or higher
  • Executable program delivered using MS Visual Basic.
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